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Dryer Vent Safety family photograph in Richmond, VA

A Little About Me

Hi there, my name is Scott Broadway and I am the owner of Dryer Vent Safety.

After experiencing a dryer fire firsthand, I learned that the primary reason is significant lint build-up or clogs in the dryer vent. While it is important to clean your lint screen after every load of clothes, most homeowners are not aware that approximately 35% to 55% of the lint created while drying clothes exits through your dryer vent exhaust. For this reason, keeping the dryer transition duct and vent to the outside clear is important. Clogged vents reduce the airflow and efficiency of the appliance. This causes the dryer to take longer and work harder to dry your clothes, which wastes energy and premature wear of your dryer. It can also cause lint to back up into the dryer, which is where fires start as lint is highly combustible.

Dryer Vent Safety was created to educate and service homeowners and businesses with dryers preventing fires and protecting investments.

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